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Additional services to enhance your appointment. Create an unforgettable experience and achieve the greatest benefits from your appointment.
Foot Soak, Foot Bath, Aromatherapy, Soft Feet, Pedicure

Deluxe Foot Soak & Aromatherapy

This Sea Salt Mineral and Floral Foot Bath is perfect for relaxing, slowing down, unwinding, and taking a moment to nourish yourself.

Renewal Foot Peel

Soft Feet, Babyfoot, Smooth

Natural enzymes and botanical extracts blend together for a natural, pain-free peel that restores your feet’s smoothness.

Blissful Beverages

Hot Beverage, Drink, Matcha Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Cerimonial Cacao

Blooming Bouquet Tea

Matcha & Collagen Green Tea

Ceremonial Cacao

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