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At Salt & Jade we believe in enhancing natural beauty rather than hiding it. We offer a unique approach to makup application. Our philosophy is centered around the idea that makeup should enhance a person’s unique features rather than completely replace or cover them up. 

With this new methodology, trained experts will work with you to find the exact shades that match your natural features and teach you how to apply this flawless look in only minutes. 

Our makeup is the perfect solution for mature skin looking for hydration and a natural look. The cream formulations are created with premium, skin-friendly components that are renowned for their beneficial qualities. Antioxidants to shield the skin from environmental harm, moisturising agents to give hydration, and nourishing nutrients to support a healthy complexion while specifically designed to provide coverage without looking cakey, settling in wrinkles or fine lines, or compromising on comfort throughout the day.

Makeup Palette Benefits

Create Custom Palette
Only Colors You Need

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Single-layer Fast Application

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Color Match to Enhance Natural Features


Natural Ingredients - Made with natural ingredients, which are know to be gentler on the skin than synthetic ingredients found in most traditional formulations. Includes ingredients such as: vitamins, botanical excerpts, or calming substances in addition to antioxidants and moisturising agents.

Quick Makeup Routine - Designed to be worn in "one layer" for express application. 

Buildable Coverage - Provides great coverage without feeling heavy or cakey on the skin. 

Affordability - Design a custom palate with only the colors you need. Low prices on individual colors and highly-pigmented product lasts a long time. 

Long-Lasting - Won't need to retouch throughout the day.

Environmentally Conscious - Committed to using sustainable packaging and manufacturing practices.


Color Selection & Face Mapping Appointment


COST $25


Makeup Appointment

Pair modalities and take your results one step further!

Makeup Pairings

Signature Facial

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Dermaplane Facial

HydroFusion Facial

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